Empowering the Energy Transition

Karpowership knows how important it is for the world to cut carbon emissions and is fully committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty and protect the planet for future generations.

Powerships are highly efficient, combined cycle and fully integrated facilities that can be deployed almost immediately and therefore don't require carbon-intensive, land-based infrastructure. They can be simply ‘unplugged’ and redeployed elsewhere, leaving minimal environmental impact after decommissioning.

As the world moves towards net-zero and the necessary transition to low-carbon energy, Powerships – which are multi-fuel enabled and capable of running on cleaner energy sources such as LNG – offer a vital solution that can complement renewable energy resources and provide a secure, reliable source of power that can meet growing demand.

For many countries heavily reliant on high carbon intensity power generation, especially coal-fired power plants or other polluting and inefficient solutions, Powerships are a flexible and cleaner alternative to coal or diesel-powered facilities and can be deployed almost immediately to create an instant and efficient energy supply.

‘Powerships are a bridge solution, enabling and empowering the transition to reach net zero emissions goals.’

Bridging the Gap

Powerships play a crucial role in helping countries with intermittent energy supplies to bridge the gap between supply and demand, providing immediate energy security through a stable and reliable source of power which in turn supports the longer-term transition to low-carbon fuels or renewable technologies.

For countries facing uncertainty over energy security, disruption to electricity supply hinders sustainable economic development. Reduced energy inflows and intermittent power supply also interrupt decarbonization efforts as households and businesses turn to traditional, more polluting fuels in emergencies just to keep the lights on.

As the world moves towards net zero, many countries' electricity grid is currently unable to sustain sufficient baseload power to support a rapid expansion of renewable energy capacity.

This is where Karpowership can help. Our fully integrated, multi-fuel-enabled power plants are an innovative solution, especially for countries that remain dependent on coal, the highest emission-sourced fossil fuel. Using natural gas as a fuel is about 50% less carbon-intensive than lignite coal, 20% cleaner than heavy fuel oil, and 15% less polluting than diesel. For nations that consume significant amounts of coal, switching to Karpowership’s LNG-to-power offering ensures they can rapidly reduce their carbon footprint.

As well as being a strong advocate and enabler for countries trying to shift to cleaner energy, Karpowership is also committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business by expanding the company’s renewable energy portfolio and working together with OEMs to utilize sustainable fuels in Powerships.

Powering Life

Karpowership brings fast, reliable, cleaner and affordable energy solutions for powering a better life.