Karpowership is a pioneer in innovative energy projects for more than 25 years. The group started its energy investments in 1996, and today owns and operates a fleet of 40 Powerships with more than 6,000 MW installed capacity globally and an active construction pipeline.

Karpowership is the owner, operator, and builder of the world’s only Powership (floating power plant) fleet and has an active role in medium to long-term investments, providing access to fast-track, affordable and reliable electricity.

Powerships range from 30 MW up to 480 MW and are delivered ready to operate in less than 30 days. Starting from the design and ending with the delivery of electricity, Karpowership fully executes all activities in-house, including construction, site preparation, commissioning, and fuel supply. Powerships are designed, constructed, and engineered to be deployed to various corners of the world on a short, medium, and long-term basis, adding base load, mid-merit, or peak shaving electricity generation capacity to the host country’s grid.

Powership in 10 Questions   

Utilizing its expertise in floating infrastructure Karpowership invested in floating LNG assets and today owns 5 FSRUs (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit). With FSRUs and LNG carriers in its fleet Karpowership is a single provider of LNG-to-Power projects.

Karpowership Quick Facts

Unique developer of the POWERSHIP concept

40 Powerships exceeding
6000 MW+

More than
54bn kWh

A global workforce of
more than
2600 peoples

Powering Life

Karpowership brings fast, reliable, cleaner and affordable energy solutions for powering a better life.