Lifeship Floating Villages

Five years ago, under the guidance of Karpowership’s late founder Rauf Osman Karadeniz’s “One World” philosophy and with the aim of providing a safe place for people who have experienced hardship, Karpowership developed its Lifeship Floating Villages Concept to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of devastating natural disasters. The Lifeship Floating Villages are self-sufficient, they do not require any onshore infrastructure, and can provide accommodation and emergency relief, while withstanding all weather conditions.

The Lifeships, operating as floating villages and fully equipped to meet the day to day needs of those onboard, include catering, health, social, childcare and education facilities and living spaces for more than 2,000 people per vessel. Following the devastating earthquakes in February 2023, we immediately deployed two Lifeships to the Hatay-İskenderun region, to provide emergency accommodation for earthquake victims. One of the Lifeships, Karadeniz Lifeship Rauf Bey Akademi, is now serving as a boarding school for students preparing for important exams. We are doing our best to support them as much as we can, via scholarships, career days, and sporting events.

Both Lifeships will remain in the earthquake zone to provide accommodation and assistance for as long as they are needed.

Powering Life

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